Yule Rites (kindle version)

Author: Manivannan Navasothy

Publication Date: December 21, 2012


ISBN: 978-0-9560746-3-8  (Awakening Publishing)

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Somewhere between Magic, Religion & Science lies reality and life itself. And Yule Rites (Winter Solstice Ceremonies) have always been about the Hope and celebration of Life, Light and renewal of Hope – at the darkest hour.

This book, written by Mani Navasothy – an initiated Wiccan High Priest- has over 50 pages – and explores the the symbols, ceremonies and traditions of Winter Solstice rituals. Sun Gods from around the world, Sun-Earth cycles that give rise to seasons, rituals & myths of the Solar rebirth, battle of the Holly & Oak kings, as well as the significance of Yule log and Mistletoe are all explained with photos.

Introduction to Sun-worship of the Hindus, Egyptians, Romans (Mithras & Saturnalia), and South Americas (Aztec & Maya) are covered; As too are the origins of Christmas, Santa, the Satanising of old pagan Gods and fixing 25th December as `Christmas’.

For the practical people, included in its entirety are 3 Yule/Winter Rituals, which the author had personally written and performed in 2004, 2008 & 2011, as either Open rituals in London or in closed Wicca Coven. One ritual uses the Isis & Horus myth and another uses Sky-God & Earth-Goddess.

The extended Appendix contains full articles on Paganism, 8-fold Pagan Festivals, major Pagan symbols, and links to online resources.

Compact and full of photographs, this is a very good resource about Yule – one of the major pagan festivals that gave rise to Christmas itself. Easy to read, and written in a friendly manner by Pagans, Teachers, Journalists, Newcomers & Beginners to Paganism will all find this book invaluable.

Buy pdf e-book version NOW at £9.00

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