We invite you to take a journey in to the world of practical application of tarot for self and others, in a natural woodland setting to expand your deeper connections to messages from this popular divination tool, that traces back to it’s medieval roots!  (this is the 2nd year we are running this course).  It is intended for anyone with some or no experience of reading tarot, for self or others confidently.

Come, ready to sample the life altering events of the 22 Major Arcanas, to the vivid clarity of the Celtic Cross, all the way to the connected intuitive voice of your magical being that you can tap in to on the day.

Your workshop facilitators, Vathani and Mani – will walk you through the exploration of the symbols, meanings and applications of the Rider Waite pack in variety of spreads for various purposes – for life and in your magical empowerment. They believe tarot can be our gateway to the realms of personal and spiritual awakening! It can be a powerfully accurate tool in the hands of someone who is centred and channelled, if you are ready to learn How To!

Next session: Saturday 28th September 2019

Deadlines for Registration 18th Sept’2019.

About Registration (Important) : see below for secure paypal link for fee payment .

VENUE: Course will be held in outdoor woodland setting – Wimbledon Woods.

Course duration: 10.30am to 6.00pm (In the past we have had delays in starting or after breaks.. so covering the full course has been a challenge. so please arrive promptly at start and after breaks. The course will aim to finish by 5.30pm but we are leaving 30mins extra as a buffer). Please be at gathering point at 10.30am so that we can be all acquainted and walk to the course area, set up and start on time.

***After 10.30am we will be unavailable on phones/ meetup etc. So no last minute messages asking for directions in woods please. Thanks. **

Nearest Train: Wimbledon (District Line & railway) – then take bus and walk to Wimbledon Windmills Cafe.

meeting point/ Time/ Travel Details:

  • We meet At Windmill Tea room (outside seating area) by 11.00am. Then we will go to the woods to do the workshop. Workshop will end by approx 4.00pm. If it’s wet/ raining, I will put up a Tarp cover, as we have done in previous outdoor workshops.
  • From Wimbledon or Putney, take the bus No 93. Alight at bus stop `Parkside Hospital’. Go into `Windmill Road’ and walk about 5-10mins. Turn right towards car park and Cafe/ Tea rooms.
  • This place has free car park / toilet facilities. Car park fills up so get there early to park.
  • Cafe spending: It has most types of food/ breakfast / coffees etc. If using card payment, there is a minimum spend of £10 (I know!) BUT if paying for smaller amount, they will put a fee of 50p.

Here are some of the things you will learn on this workshop——-

1. Basic knowledge:

-Explorative Pathworking, in to the tarot realm
-Origins & use of tarot
-Practical journey through the meanings of 22 Major Arcanas, 16 Court cards and 40 Suit cards.

2. How to work with your cards :

-Selecting, cleansing, tuning in, aligning , intention-setting , cleansing & storing
-Elemental consecration and connection exercise
-Exploration of popular Tarot Spreads
-Magical & ritualistic use of Tarot cards
-Reader / Querent etiquettes and ethics
-Practical work on reading for Self
-Practical work on reading for Others

  • The workshop includes student handouts – given on the day for quick references for our practical and experiential work.
  • *All workshop students are entitled to Tarot reading with V, at half price. (Normal fee: £45/40mins)* Please arrange session date and time with V, directly.

What to bring with you——-

-Rider Waite Tarot Pack (only if you own one!)
-Note book & pen
-Lunch by own arrangement
-Cushion to sit on (optional)

Taking Notes / participating in exercises—-

You are encouraged to take notes during the course and participate in short meditations & other magical practise/ exercises throughout the course. A worksheet will be provided to fill in for your own use. Please also provide a valid e-mail as after the course, tutor will send out any additional notes.

We’ll have short 10 minute comfort breaks.. There will also be a 45min hour lunch break. Please be on time at breaks. Course will commence on schedule after each allocated time.

NO Recording / photography———–
Tutor may take some photos with permission for publicity purpose.

• Please wear plenty of warm clothing (it actually gets cold when you sit down on the ground for long). If it’s raining much, tutor will bring a tarpaulin sheet cover.. so we don’t get wet (too much)

Practical matters —– 
• For your own comfort, please bring any food/drinks lunch . Please avoid eating during course delivery, as it is distracting for tutor and fellow students. During the course we do engage in short magical works. Bring flask of hot drinks. Bring comfortable cushion/ mat to sit on, as well as a blanket / throw to wrap up .. (or if it’s just cold). Please wear warm coats, socks scarf..

Bright Blessings
-Vathani Navasothy & Mani Navasothy

This is an experiential workshop, taught by Vathani Navasothy (Tarot Reader/ medium & Reiki Practitioner) & Mani Navasothy (Astrologer, Wiccan High Priest & Ritual Magician).

Registration (Deadlines 18th sept’19) fee £30.) –

Pay for Tarot Course (secure link accepts all debit/credit cards)