Following many requests from people, asking for help.. Mani will be starting a new Service – Direct Magical help via providing Spells, Talismans & Charms.. (fee applies).

  • Magic Spells
  • Creating Charms
  • Creating Talismans

For what purpose? – Spells for specific matters (Love, Career, Protection and so on).. These will be in the positive regard only. (helping you with a positive effect.. drawing new love, new job, creating general protection etc).
When Mani receives a request, he will contact you to discuss & explore the best magical way forward and our suggested spell-craft solution. If you agree, we will proceed with doing the spell in one of our private rituals, create and charge a Charm or Talisman if needed, and send that to you by post. On occasion, he may also include a photograph of the actual altar / ritual elements that was used for your particular request fulfilment, with exact date & time of when we did the work, so that you can attune to that energy.

Mani may use the following *psychic tools to get an intuitive feel of your particular situation.

  • Astrology & Transit analysis
  • Rune reading
  • Tarot Reading
  • Book Divination
  • Transpersonal analysis

Please note- Mani will ONLY undertake your request, if he feels the matter agrees 100% with his personal ethics & intuition.
Payment will need to be made before he can proceed with the actual ritual work. This will be usually by our online secure verified PayPal account (that accepts credit/debit cards).


By Law, we are required to state that any Spellcraft, Psychic & Divination Services offered are for Entertainment purposes only.