This is an experiential workshop where you’ll learn and do 3 different techniques of doing ritual magic for your self. Using candles for magic, using Cords & knots for magic and using Runes for creating sigils and magic. Other magical tools such as image magic, poppets, blood magic, sex magic will be briefly explained by tutor. New comers to Wicca and those interested in Spellcraft / Ritual magic will benefit from this workshop.

This session covers the following:

  • Introduction to spellcraft & Magic (in Wicc – how we do magic; within-without principle; Basic requirements; safety & warning in spellcraft; Laws of return;
  • Cord Magic – Using Cords, how you can do magic; demonstration & practice with a cord (you can actually use the opportunity to do a bit of magic) . ( 1 metre cords will be provided).
  • Rune Magic – Basic introduction to Runes – symbols & meanings; How to do Rune magic; Bind Runes;
  • Candle Magic – Preparing the candle- anointing/ consecrating; Intention setting; Using one of the Runes learnt (in same workshop), you’ll all do one candle -magic. (stick candles – white – will be provided).
  • All materials will be provided.

Next session : Sunday 29th September 2019. (new date)

Fee: £15. You may pay cash on the day. However, you can also use link below to pay (using paypal).

New VENUE: Course will be held in outdoor woodland setting – Queen’s Woods, High Gate, North London. But we gather initially at a local public

Course duration:  12.30pm gathering at Woodman’s pub, Archway Road, High Gate. Course begins at 1.00pm in the Woods, and expected to end by 5.30pm. There will be a short 20 min tea/coffee break in the middle around 3pm.

Nearest Tube: HighGate (northern line) –

Meeting point & Time:
We meet in a nearby Woodman’s pub, Archway Road, High Gate. Meet from 12.30pm to 1.00pm.

Taking Notes / participating in exercises—-

You are encouraged to take notes during the course and participate in short meditations & other magical practise/ exercises throughout the course. A worksheet will be provided to fill in for your own use. Please also provide a valid e-mail as after the course, tutor will send out any additional notes.

NO Recording / photography———–
Tutor may take some photos with permission for publicity purpose.

• Please wear plenty of warm clothing (it actually gets cold when you sit down on the ground for long). If it’s raining much, tutor will bring a tarpaulin sheet cover.. so we don’t get wet (too much)

What to bring —– 
• There will be a shot 20 min break. So Bring flask of hot drinks/ snack etc.. Bring comfortable cushion/ mat to sit on, as well as a blanket / throw to wrap up .. (or if it’s just cold). Please wear warm coats, socks scarf..

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
Wiccan High Priest / Author / Teacher


  1. Pay fee £15 via secure paypal (click this link or press button below).
Pay fee via secure Paypal ..any credit/ debit cards accepted.