Earth Day – Earth Hour – World Peace Day (gatherings)

We have been holding special eco-aware gatherings, Ceremonies & Picnics for almost 15 years now. These are held in public parks, woodlands or event open spaces in central London – so that it is easy for all to get to, as well as being educational for anyone passing by (and may wish to join us on the spot).

Earth-Day Picnic & Eco-ceremony – is usually held on or near EarthDay (22nd April- every year) in Trent Park as a family-friendly event, with woodland walk, picnic, drumming, small eco-ceremony, fun and games. I was first made aware of this by the late Jean Williams, who gathered many pagans at Queens Woods for tidy up and litter picking, followed by an eco-ceremony. I’ve carried that on every year since then – in some shape or form, under one organisation or another or just under my own initiative (Hern’s Tribe, Tamesa London Circle or Woodland Witches).

Earth-Hour – this takes place globally on the last saturday of March every year, and between 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time. It began as a way to switch off non-essential electrical equipment and lower the drain on our energy consumption just for 1 hour. But over the years many initiatives have been held on this day or towards it. In the past I have facilitated a Candle-lit walk along the river Thames. We gather outside the Tate Modern Gallery or Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or Tower Hill (near Tower of London) and walk along river Thames with candles…and do a small meditative ceremony at 8.30pm.

International Peace Day (21st Sept) – I met Jeremy at an Entrepreneur event in London few years ago.. He spoke of how he began this initiative (Peace One day) – who campaigned to have a ceasefire all around the world at war zones..just for one day.. It was formally made `International Peace Day’ by the United Nations. Seeing no pagan events existed in London, I began Peace Day picnic in Hyde Park, and have carried this on annually – either at Hyde Park, Trafalgar square or by Peace Pagoda at Battersea park.

My motivations:

I feel it important, that while so many of us care about the Earth and eco-causes, and fight ever day to resolve make the problems of our World, we also must create time for being Happy, to connect with like-minded humans, strengthen our ties, power up one another’s motivations and spread hope – that the World will get better!!
Those will be the focus of the Ceremony. So people of any and all religions & faiths welcome.
There are no protests, no campaigns…no slogans.. Only a few evening hours of total positivity & peace.
All I ask is that those who come do so with an open & tolerant mind, and with peace & harmony in their hearts – when they attend these events.