What is Wicca (modern Witchcraft)?

Wicca is one of the modern pagan paths, based on several of the old nature worshiping religious practices in western countries (Druidism, Shamanism, Heathenism are some of the other paths!). Wicca is considered to be a religion by thousands of people, and it involves certain ideals, incorporates mythologies, male and female forms of the divine in the shape of a Horned God and Moon Goddess, and works with th energies of the Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). It also includes divination work, psychic development, and the practise of Magical rituals and spells.. for attaining wishes, or seeking changes in one’s life.

Wicca was founded’ or put-together by Gerald Gardner in the 1950’s in UK, using components and aspects borrowed from other western, eastern and ancient / classical magical practices. It is a mystery tradition (meaning that it has to be practised or experienced in an immersed and practical way to be fully understood! It means that no amount of theoretical reading, researching, dialogues & conversations with other people ..is going to give You that understanding! You simply have to do it, and live it.

Wicca is believed to be the modern equivalent of the old Craft of the Wise, or Witchcraft! And as such it also suffers quite a lot of discrimination… not the least from Christian and other religious (non-pagan) people.. who believe Wicca to be harmful, evil and so on.

Wiccan Ideals & Rules -Deeper exploration will show you that Wicca has some of the highest ideas – with rules’ such as As above, So below’ (whatever is in the outside world is reflected within),As within, So without’ (whatever realities you conjure within will permeate and manifest in the outer world). Practicing Wiccans, call themselves Witches, and follow another important rule – `An it harm none, do as you will’ – which means that as long as you are not harming anyone or anything, you may do as you like! This is easier said than lived!! (For example, say you attend a job interview. If you do well and get the job, perhaps 15 others won’t get that job.. so their families may suffer! And what of the simple walking in the field..where you might squash many an earth worm or insects? Pedantic? No!! The Wiccan rede is a guideline that tells Witches to always aspire to be better – especially in their practices of Magic!

(c) Mani Navasothy 2014. This is an extract from an article by Mani Navasothy (for website Witchcraft & Magic).

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