Mani creates & facilitates experiential courses and workshops  that centre around Wicca, Witchcraft & magic, General Paganism, Practical magic, Divination & Healing. These have been taking place in London – both in indoor and outdoor venues-  since 2001.

Courses & Workshops   (Indoors, Outdoors & Online/Zoom)

Note: From Spring 2020 onwards, due to the Covid pandemic and lockdown rules, Mani started running online (zoom) versions of many of these courses, and has repeated them successfully several times in Summer/ Autumn of 2020. These will now become a regular feature.

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  • Introduction to Paganism & Magic.
  • Introduction to Wicca  (1-day course) 
  • Wicca course in 3 -parts
  • Horned God & Moon Goddess – Wicca 1 day course
  • Spellcraft workshop: Magic with Candles, Cords & Runes 
  • Practical Wicca: Altars, Tools, and making Broom, Wand & Pentacle
  • High Magic 1 : LBRP, Rose Cross, Kabbalistic Cross & creating Archangel sigils
  • High Magic 2: Planetary Kamesa & sigil magic
  • Shamanic working with Masks & Tribal rituals.
  • Book of Shadows & Writing Magical Rituals
  • Beginners Tarot Course
  • Beginners Rune Course
  • Eclipse Magic Course
  • more courses to be announced for Winter 2020 / Spring 2021 on.

Some of these are `seasonal’ and take place at certain times of the year (due to the venue being outdoors in woods!).

You can invite/ hire Mani to run one or more of these courses & workshops, or ask to create other courses of your interests,  at your own venue/town/ pagan moot/ conference / magic circles & groups.