Mani creates & facilitates experiential courses and workshops  that centre around Wicca, Witchcraft & magic, General Paganism, Practical magic, Divination & Healing. These have been taking place in London – both in indoor and outdoor venues-  since 2001.

Courses & Workshops   (Indoors, Outdoors & Online/Zoom)

Many of these courses are now run as Outdoor events and special online versions.

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  • Introduction to Paganism & Magic.
  • Introduction to Wicca  (1-day course) 
  • Wicca course in 3 -parts
  • Horned God & Moon Goddess – Wicca 1 day course
  • Spellcraft workshop: Magic with Candles, Cords & Runes 
  • Practical Wicca: Altars, Tools, and making Broom, Wand & Pentacle
  • High Magic 1 : LBRP, Rose Cross, Kabbalistic Cross & creating Archangel sigils
  • High Magic 2: Planetary Kamesa & sigil magic
  • Shamanic working with Masks & Tribal rituals.
  • Book of Shadows & Writing Magical Rituals
  • Beginners Tarot Course
  • Beginners Rune Course
  • Eclipse Magic Course
  • more courses to be announced for 2022.

Some of these are `seasonal’ and take place at certain times of the year (due to the venue being outdoors in woods!).

You can invite/ hire Mani to run one or more of these courses & workshops, or ask to create other courses of your interests,  at your own venue/town/ pagan moot/ conference / magic circles & groups.