Following the successful running of Wicca Full Moon Rituals’ in 2013, I began organizing monthly Woodland Wicca Circles’ in London. These have now grown and developed much. We now have Woodland New moon circles where I do brief wicca training, Tamesa London Circle – monthly full moon circles by river Thames in central London, private Hern’s Tribe shamanic circles in woods near Croydon (started since 2004), and quarterly Psychic Healing & protection circles (previously monthly on new moons).

All are open to all new comers & beginners – seeking a practical introduction to Paganism, Ritual magic, Wicca & Witchcraft.
The events now have an expected small fee (£3 / £5) and any voluntary contributions are appreciated and put towards covering our running costs!
My friends & I provide magical tools, some robes, a certain level of mentoring & training (for core and regular attendees), and some e-mail support for anyone who has attended one or more f these and would like to ask further learning questions..

Hern’s Tribe (see separate website)

Inspired by the TV series `Robin of Sherwood’ and stories of the Windsor-Hern myths, we began to build Hern’s Tribe in 2004. Now in our 15th year, HT has undergone many changes. It is an outdoor ecclectic/ shamanic ritual group – meeting for pagan festivals, special rituals at Windsor Great Park, Richmond, Sherwood Forest to work mythologically empowering ceremonies. Gatherings often combine sacred fire & cooking, tribal art/craft & tool making, totemic work with animal bones, woodland quests & more.

Tamesa London Circle (see separate website)

TLC was formed in 2006 by Mani & April, to celebrate, honour and work magically and spiritually with the River Thames, and it’s spirit (or deity)- known as Thamesis, Tamesa or Thames Isis.
River Thames has a long association with London’s history and is full of ancient mysteries- worshiped from Tribal times to Romans and modern pagans and Hindus. Ancient artefacts and bones of cattle and human are still burried in it’s depths. These often surface after a high tide, along the shores.

These events are a combination of magical ceremonies & pagan socials, and attune participants into the mysteries and magic of the Goddess Isis in a series of rituals to be held by the banks of river Thames in London. (Tamesis is an old name of river Thames, and supposedly means `Thames-Isis’)

For these and all other circles and rituals that I facilitate, please visit my dedicated meetup group London Woodland Witches & Outdoor Pagans.