In Spring of 2014, I started a meetup group called `London Woodland Witches & Outdoor Pagans’ – and put within it all the rituals & ceremonies I have been doing (Hern’s Tribe, Tamesa circles, Wicca, Eco-Magic, Hindu Magic etc). It all looked rather a lot – once gathered under one roof!

This meetup has become the largest Wicca/ magical meetup in London and the most active.

Our events are a friendly mixture of formal ceremonies &  informal socials. These events take place in various public Woodlands, parks and outdoor settings in London. We also add  indoor socials/ pagan moots. All of these are great for Beginner wanting a friendly introduction to Wicca & witchcraft, Pagan ceremonies, ritual magic, and for meeting like-minded people.

History:  Although this `meetup’ was formed only in 2014,  I  have been running outdoor/ woodland rituals in London since 2004 under our `Hern’ Tribe’  and also `Tamesa London Circle’ (since 2006),  and Wicca courses (for WSG in 2001, and independently since 2008- from which several people have gone on to be Initiated Wiccans)

Our `usual’ venues in London:

  • Wimbledon Common
  • Queen’s Woods
  • Richmond (Park & riverside)
  • central London (river banks)
  • Hyde Park & St.James Park
  • Epping Forest (and Debden Camp site)
  • Trent Park

Why Woods & Outdoors? On Weather & Power of Nature: 

If you are looking for the real energies and powers of nature – for personal empowerment, then being regularly outdoors, experiencing nature.. (no matter how challenging it gets at times!) is the best way. For our events, you can attend in ordinary outdoor cloths.. (warm and water-proof)  and/or put on cloaks & robes or other tribal cloths once you arrive at  the ritual area..!.  At times, it will be sunny and warm. Or wet, wild and stormy. And attuning to those energies, energises you, liberates you, empowers you!  That is magic…and that is what it means to know real untamed awesome power of nature!.

What do we do?

• Wicca Full moon Rituals  /  Wicca Training Circles (private) –  From Spring 2016, Wicca training Circles will become closed group rituals by invitation only, as we commence our training Coven.   Interested people should attend our Wicca woodland seasonal rituals a few times and get to know us.    Those committing to this training group must be willing to attend a minimum of 12 closed rituals per year without fail, and must *not* belong to *any* other Wicca/druid/training groups for the duration of at least 2 full years.

 Seasonal Wiccan Sabbats /Shamanic Rituals –  8 times a year, on a saturday/ sunday  close to the Sabbat – Imbolc, Spring, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas, Autumn, Samhain, Yule.   We have been holding Eclectic/ shamanic rituals in woods for 12+ years (under `Hern’s Tribe’) .   From Spring 2016, Hern’s Tribe rituals become private, and are by invitation only. We’ll publicise / set up events for our friends’ `Druid rituals’.

• River Thames-based   Isis rituals – started in 2006, we ran 8-10 rituals a year, but now focus on special 2-3 Thames-Isis rituals or other special ones ..   Some take place in central London, others near Richmond – but always by the river Thames, and often at low tides, so we can work on the banks of the river Thames..

• Eco-magical explorations – We believe in using magic & ceremony for the benefit & healing of not just us humans, but also the Earth, Environment & animals.  Eco-Magic is a ceremony or even a small part of another ritual that focuses on this kind of work.  We meet for special days such as Earth Hour, Earth Day, Peace Day.   We now plan to meet more often just for these events – Walking & exploring woodlands; Meditation & Nature-spirituality; Eco-art; Nature photography

• Social Events, Pagan Moots, Camping,  Day Trips out of London –   We are also very sociable.  Some of us attend Pagan moots (pub socials) that our friends organise;  In the Summer, we organize  a Pagan Camp in the Epping Camp site; And at various other times, we gather up our pagan friends and go for trips in or out of London – to festivals (Edinburgh Beltane, Hasting Jack O Green, Eastbourne Lammas, Carshalton Jack,  October Plenty, Notting Hill Carnival..and so on).

So if this appeals to you..  visit London Woodland Witches,   and join in.

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy