High Magic course at The Atlantis Bookshop, London: Kabbalistic Cross, LBRP & Archangels sigils.

We are extremely pleased to announce this 2 hour Introduction course in High Magic being held at The Atlantis Bookshop (Museum Street, Holborn) – a historic and well-known and loved magical venue. . Previously I have run this course in outdoor woodland venues as a 6hr long session. For the first time it will be run indoors, and streamlined to cover essentials.

For serious space/ energy clearing before any important high magical or ritual work, LBRP is often used by ritualists. No tool is required other than the Self, and clear use of god names, energetic visualising, drawing energy, creating pentagrams and calling on archangels. So it can be done anywhere.

This is an indoor course You’ll be taught the basics of:

– Kabbalistic Cross – bringing down divine light and beaming it in all 6 directions over the body
– Banishing Pentagrams to clear energy, using Hebrew God names
– Calling on 4 Archangels as protection in the 4 quarters.
In addition to teaching this in slow step by step, and all students then practicing it in a group several times (so that you can go home and do this on your own with full confidence), we’ll also be covering:
– The Rose Cross wheel used in Golden Dawn, the Hebrew names of the four Archangels, and how to write their names in sigil forms. This technique can then be used by you to write all other angelic names in sigil forms for your own talisman making and ritual magical calling of angels.

venue: The Atlantis Bookshop (a historic pagan. occult venue where the likes of Gerald Gardner and other ritual magicians of their time had gathered for their events/ magical works). venue has toilet small kitchen. Owners kindly provide us with Tea/ coffee facilities and biscuits.

Standard fee : £20. Spaces are very limited as this is an indoor historic venue. Attendance is by pre-booked/paid Registration only. You may book via Tutor’s website (using secure paypal/ credit card).

***Course is now full ** (update 18/11/19)

Date: Wednesday 20th November 2019.

Duration: Please arrive at 6.30pm for sharp 7pm start. Course ends at 9.30pm. Following the end, we may go to a cafe or pub for brief chats – if anyone is inspired to converse further. Note as we have just 2 hrs to cover & practise much, we’ll have a short beak of 15 minutes. Please arrive on time/ early.

Taking notes:
You may take notes.. but NO audio/ video recording of any kind allowed. Some support notes will be sent by e-mail to all students afterwards. So remember to leave your e-mails with tutor.

Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy
Author, Astrologer, Ritual Magician & Wiccan High Priest

Link to meetup event: If you have already paid via this Tutor website, you do not need to join meetup as it requires payment to rsvp https://www.meetup.com/LondonWoodlandWitches/events/265472503/