Elephantom Origins: Birth of an Eco-Hero  (kindle & print)

Author / Illustrator: Manivannan Navasothy


ISBN: 978-0-9560746-8-3  (Awakening Publishing)

ISBN: (Print) : (detail soon)

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Adventures of Elephantom are fully illustrated graphics style stories for children & adults,full of fun & adventure, but also teaching them awareness of ecology, and caring for and protecting our environment. There is also an underlying message of Hindu & Pagan spirituality in this story – in a gentle way.

This books tells the story of a baby elephant who’s herd lives in a forest in India, close to a local village Temple. When poachers attack, the young injured elephant takes refuge in the Temple grounds, and so the story continues.

In `Elephantom Origins: Birth of an Eco-Hero’, the readers are taken through themes such as spirituality, death of a family group, healing, learning, duty to ancestors and personal transformation.

`Elephantom’ as a cartoon character was created by Mani Navasothy way back in 1994, for a teen eco-newsletter called `Unity’. The original story was just a 4-panel cartoon. In 2011, Elephantom as a fully fledged eco-character was published in the online eco-magazine Gaian Times. Work started in a full `origin story’ in September 2011, and is finally complete – with 25 detailed black & white cartoon panels, and narrative.

This book also contains valuable sections on Hindu Elephant-headed God Ganesh, as well as the author’s own childhood experiences with temple Elephants (which have all worked themselves into the story!).

The author, Manivannan Navasothy, is a Hindu, who also follows parts of western paganism, and writes on many esoteric topics, such as Paganism, Astrology and Sciences. `Elephantom Origins’ is his venture into writing moral tales for Children. Several more books are already work in progress.