Some of the Projects & Events managed by Mani


Mani organised & managed 3 annual Gaia Conventions for the PF London, where Earth, Environment & Kindship were the themes. These were held in large hired venues in Central London (ULU).

  • Gaia3 Convention (Spring 2007)
  • Gaia-Fortuna Convention (Autumn 2008)
  • Gaia-Sol Convention (Summer 2009)
  • Wyrd-i Convention 2010 – This is one where Mani set the theme and name.


South London Tamil Welfare Group (SLTWG) – project funded by London Development Agency (LDA)
Mani Navasothy was employed as `raining & Employment Project Coordinator’ by South London Tamil Welfare Group, and managed/ coordinated the 3-year Employment Project between 2007-2010 (funded by LDA- London Development Agency). This project had a total budget of about quarter of a million pounds, and helped over 300 Tamils with their IT, English / ESOL & Employment training. Mani managed the Training Centre branch in Micham, and 3 other staff.


3 Masked Balls were organised by Mani on board the ship Queen Mary on river Thames between 2006-08. Mani helped with setting theme & props for 2 further Balls.

  • Masked Ball: Pirates of the Thames (Feb’2006)
  • Maskd Ball: Angels & Demons (Nov’2006).
  • Masquerade (Feb’2008)
  • Blue Moon Festival – Oct’2010 – Mani Helped to design theme & props (held in Balham).
  • PF 40th Ball: Masque of Orpheus (Oct’2011) – Mani helped create theme & publicity. Heled in Central London.


Mani Organised Earth Day (outdoor) gathering & Ceremony for PF London from 2010. At these events, participants were encouraged to tidy up the woods & do litter picking, then in a ceremony given the opportunity to make or renew eco-related personal pledges. Initially held in Queen’s Woods, these moved to Trent Park from 2011.
The Earth Hour candle-lit walks & Ceremonies along the banks of river Thames in Central London were started by Mani in 2011.


These are annual Family-friendly pagan Picnics organised and held in public woods -mostly north London – for pagans & Pagan Federation London. Originally they were themed as `Phoenix Picnics’ (Call of the Phoenix picnic (2006) & Dance of the Phoenix Picnic (2007), but changed to Pan’s Picnic in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.