Astrology for Eclipse Magicians(kindle version)

Author: Manivannan Navasothy

Publication Date: November 7, 2012


ISBN: 978-0-9560746-5-2  (Awakening Publishing)

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A companion to the `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ – this book gives full introductions to Astrology that experienced astrologers and total new comers can appreciate and understand immediately. It contains introduction on how to use an Ephemeris (book of data on planetary positions & transits). There are special featured sections on the recent Saturn transit into Scorpio, the up coming 5 year long Uranus-square-Pluto that’s changing the world, charts for upcoming Eclipses, introduction to Lunar Occultations and how they can be used also alongside Eclipse Magic. And finally, 12 uniquely created Constellation cards (graphics) for your own personal use.

All beginners to Astrology will benefit from the easy to follow introductions & explanations to planets, zodiac signs, natal chart, aspects, moon-signs, rising signs and more. These sections contain brilliant colour illustrations and graphics. You don’t need to imagine – you can actually see.

The Ephemeris chapter contains photos of actual data books,giving examples (circled in and explained step by step) of all the sections of an Ephemeris – main section, sun-rise & sun-set data for the world, when planets enter signs, daily aspectarian & daily motion of planets.

You can either use this book as a Companion to the `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ (also published in Kindle by the author), or use this to study core subjects of astrology!