ESOTERICA: Paganism, Spirituality, Psychic Explorations & Ritual Magic
Mani has been exploring & studying esoteric subjects for many decades, and western paganism in particular since 1994. He runs indoor & outdoor workshops, courses, gives talks & presentations, and trains beginners in the area of Wicca, Paganism & Magic.

Mani believes in magically Empowering people of all spiritual and esoteric paths, with information, guides, expert advise, open rituals and free articles. He shares his esoteric experiences, knowledge, insights with others by creating online pagan Resources, Videos & Articles, and by facilitating indoor Courses in Central London, Outdoor workshops & Rituals in Woodlands & Parks in and around London. Protecting Earth, Environment & Gaia is Mani’s ultimate aim, and welcomes all to join in, network, share and support in these genuine ideals.

Mani has contributed workshops, talks & Opening/Closing Rituals for the following:
Pagan Federation
Pagan Federation London
Children of Artemis & Witchfest
Beltane Bash & Halloween Festivals
Secret Chiefs (moot)
Pagan Future Fests.

Mani in Media
Mani has also give interviews / appeared in various media in the UK (BBC Radio, The Guardian, Guardian Local, Channel 4, several online Radio stations, and provided photographic / interview & observation opportunities for researching Students and professional Journalists in in UK.
Mani now shares his experiences, knowledge & expertise in his own media / online platforms – such as many websites, facebook pages, esoteric blog, e-magazine, and youtube channels. He finds this to be more direct, with no editing, censoring or other warping of his ideas, views & words!
Mani can be contacted by media & Journalists / but now charges a Consultation fee for the use of his valuable time.