The e-Witch Apprentice course combines nearly 20 years of my personal experiences, as an initiated Wiccan in London, and as a Gardnerian High Priest who has trained Seekers, initiated and ran wiccan covens! (Recently, an initiate of mine has reached second degree and gone on to initiate others and run a coven).

This extensive e-course is packed with numerous bits of information, explanations, ritual and meditative exercises, photo-guided instructions on making tools, audio-video clips and tutorials – all of which are created by myself – with newcomers and beginners in mind.

No previous experience necessary but a commitment to continue the course, as well as being self-disciplined will provide the Students with a strong foundation in Witchcraft, Wicca & Magic.
–> 9 modules covering Basic introduction to Self-Initiation stage.

–> Modules have extensive info & contents, with explanations, practical magical & ritual exercises and written tasks to complete.

–> Modules can be completed at your own pace (suggested speed is one module per month) .

Core Components included within the COURSE.
Introductions & Information – to wider subjects matters such as Paganism, Magic, Rituals, and specific module topics such as Wiccan formats, Gods, Goddess, ethics and more. Final modules cover group work, finding/ forming your own, initiations, covens etc.

Energy work & Psychic Development: This is essential for ay and all magical practices. Our Course gives gradually increasing exercises on attunement, personal energy works with nature, psychic development and intuitive explorations.

Practical work / Outdoors: Our Course takes participants into actual practical works- such as de-cluttering personal space, regular outdoor (woodland) work, element exploration and magical work with nature and more. Also includes work with Stars, planets & zodiacs.

Making Tools: We have many exercises (some optional, others recommended) for making your own magical tools- such as Wands, pentacles, crystal works, talismans, your own Robe, altars and more. Nearly all of these are supported by a combination of free online slide-shows, audio instructions, video clips – with step by step instructions.

Ritual & Magical work – is essential in Witchcraft, and we provide plenty of rituals, suggested rituals (brief or extensive) for you to do on your own, using our guidelines. These range from full moon rituals, self- dedication, initiatory ceremonies to various forms of magical work (candles, cords..and more). Writing your own rituals, invocations is also covered.

Transpersonal Psychology: `Know thy self’ is a very important part of self-development in magical and psychic work. Anyone who claims they don’t need to know this is only setting themselves up for many a personal crisis such as projections, cluttered emotional transferences, ego inflation, shadows/ fears,as well as God/Goddess/ Guru complexes. So we provide an integrated approach to these subjects within our course exercises.

Alignment, Cycles & Record keeping: Our course builds in the practice of aligning personal myths and cycles with natural solar/ lunar / seasonal cycles. Keeping calendars, note books (Book of Shadows), and then summarising your explorations, insights and learnings in e-mails to Tutors is highly encouraged as a personal discipline.